Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a veteran business owner, working with a seasoned collaborator can elevate your productivity and profitability all while enhancing your client experience. Let’s work together to help you find Eventlightenment for your wedding business!


strategies to BUILD A thriving business.

EXPLORE MY 6-session coaching bundle FOR A comprehensive approach TO growth.

Small-Group Business Strategy Sessions

This structured program is spread over multiple sessions, allowing for in-depth exploration of key aspects of your wedding business. Together, we'll work on refining your brand, enhancing client relationships, pricing effectively, and mastering the art of wedding business marketing. With this extended support, you'll have the tools and knowledge to achieve long-term success.

Invest in your business's future with our intensive day-long coaching sessions.

Day-Long Sprint Sessions

Designed for those seeking immediate guidance and actionable strategies, our one-day coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs. During these immersive sessions, we'll delve deep into your business challenges and goals, providing you with personalized solutions to propel your wedding business forward.

Our small-group business strategy sessions are perfect for those looking to learn from and network with other business owners. 

Coaching Blueprint Bundle

Whether it's redefining your marketing strategy, improving your client onboarding process, or optimizing your pricing structure, these collaborative sessions provide a variety of perspectives from other wedding industry professionals and curate conversations that can address your unique challenges. Available in-person, virtual - or both!

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From time-tracking toolkits to meditation guides and mini-courses, get started on your business journey with my downloadable resources. 

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